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Step Team Classes

Step team routines are a form of dancing with roots steeped in African-American culture. At the same time, the modern step teams are all-inclusive, with a diverse range of races, genders, and cultural backgrounds shared by the members. Most of all, though, they share a passion for the dance.

The kinds of moves you'd see in step team routines vary widely, but all have a dominant factor: rhythm and percussion. Using the hands to clap, slap the body (on chest, thighs, and arms) or on the floor, a variety of percussive sounds can be made. The shoes (or boots) stomping on the floor usually form a bass-drum like background, while the chants are used for context, message, and to add a bit of melody to the musical composition.

Why Join Our Step Team Classes

Joining the Jus Hip Hop Step Team class helps with self confidence & gives students a chance to broaden their minds & better understand the importance of teamwork & getting along with others, while finding their true selves. Stepping teams come together as one and move as one person. It is not just about stepping but bonding with different kinds of people. Stepping team classes are great confidence builders.. It's a way of lifting yourselves up and expressing yourself in the way that you step.

Our stepping team classes help students strengthen their weaknesses by relying on the concepts of strength, faith, family love, and maturity. We feel that any student who participates in our stepping team classes will walk away stronger; not only physically, but mentally,  emotionally as well as socially.

Check out the attached video of our very own Jus Hip Hop Steppers.


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