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Coed Hiphop dance studio for all ages and adults providing the pure essence of hiphop dance. We provide classes for all levels of Breakin' (breakdance), hiphop dance, ballet, acting,  Kids Birthday Parties, Capoeira, Merengue dance fitness, dj classes, pole fitness, weight loss workout sessions, and much more... 

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Whether you want to learn how to pop and lock or ballet, we will teach you the methods of professionals to give you the edge in dance.

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Hip Hop dance can be used as a fun alternative that helps you achieve aerobic & anaerobic benefits.


Classes for All Ages

Exercising goes beyond beauty goals. It’s a way to stay physically fit and develop the stamina to perform everyday activities productively.

That is why working out has become necessary for all age groups.

It’s especially essential for individuals who have fallen into a sedentary lifestyle. The continuous zoom meetings, distance learning, and virtual hangouts often lead to weaker muscles, back pain, and low energy.

Courses and Tutorials

With the Right Teacher,
Great Things Can Happen

Whether you are an introvert or a busy bee with an empty social calendar, these dance classes can work for you. Children develop strong social skills (i.e. teamwork, coordination, and non-verbal communication) when participating participate in these interactive sessions.

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I just took my first class at Jus Hip Hop and could not be happier. It was a great experience from start to finish.  I signed up for the Tuesday night hip hop class for adults. Maraj was my teacher,  She was great at assessing my current skill level and what I was capable of learning. She was extremely patient with a beginner like me and so encouraging and positive. I had fun in the class and really learned a lot. I can't wait to go back for another lesson. I highly recommended everyone try it out, no matter their skill level.

Jeff Dawson

Adult Student

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This is such a great environment for children. All of the teachers are very experienced and have such great energy to keep the students engaged. I especially love the creativity and dedication that Ms. Maraj puts into her production to ensure that the students are truly receiving the experience of seasoned dancers. I definitely recommend this studio because of the different styles of dance and fitness classes offered.

Jade Baron

Happy Mother

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Maraj from Jus Hip Hop led a Zoom dance party and dance lesson for my daughter’s 8th BDay party (virtual). Despite the fact that the kids were not physically together, I was amazed at how much fun they had once Jus Hip Hop took over. Maraj is a true professional and kids love her. She’s tough, authentic and so full of energy. They loved her - the boys and the girls. I highly recommend Jus Hip Hop for any party, virtual or physical. She is the real deal from Queens, New York. This is no poser ballet school with a “hip-hop” class.
-Michael, a proud Dad

Michael Santiago
A Proud Dad


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