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Welcome To Jus Hip Hop

Coed Hiphop dance studio for all ages and adults providing the pure essence of hiphop dance. We provide classes for all levels of breakin', ballet, dj classes, contemporary jazz, popping/locking, pole fitness, acting, singing lessons, weight loss workout sessions, and much more... 


We love what we do! 


>> Popping/Locking Classes
Popping is a style of dance under the umbrella of hip hop. It consists of familiar moves such as the wave, the robot, the moon walk, slow motion and tutting (like Egyptians). 
>> Hip Hop Dance Classes
Hip Hop dance can be used as a fun alternative that helps you achieve aerobic & anaerobic benefits.
>>Breakin' for Girls
Breakin' is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement. 
>> Breakin' For Boys
Breakin' is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement. 
>> DJ Class
DJ classes at Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio will provide history of the art as well as interactive mixing.
>> Ballet Lessons
Ballet dancing focuses on proper body alignment, flexibility, strength, turnout & extension.
>> Pole Dance Fitness Classes
Pole dancing exercise is a fun and sexy exercise that offers aerobic and anaerobic benefits to its participants...
>> Personal Fitness Training
Lose weight & get in shape with our certified personal trainer.   Looking great is all about Fitness! She can help you change...
>> Singing Lessons
Did you know that if you cried as a baby, that you can easily learn HOW to SING? All you need to do is understand how your body...


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