The Crew

B-Girl Apollo

Hello my name is Ibiene Michelle LongJohn and I am a professional freestyle and breakdancer. I have been dance since is was about 4 years old. I never took a dance class in my life until coming to Jus Hip Hop in 2013. Before I had lessons, I learned most of what i know from off of youtube videos and watching other dancer. Ever since I became a crew member of the One Luv Crew, I have had major publicity in the dance world. I have had calls from dance schools in New York and other school for my other school activities like web designing. I have also danced with other famous choreographers like Willdabeast Adams, Matt Steffanina, and JoJo Gomez.


Being at Jus Hip Hop has influenced my life in making me a better person, teacher, friend, crew member and better dancer. The ideas taught here builds character that I haven't seen in any other dance studio in the City of Miami or state of Florida. If i were to give a recommendation to a dance studio that will change your child or even you yourself I would say “Go to the dance studio on the corner of Pembroke Road and Douglas and find Maraj Charlton of Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio!!!”​