BBoy Chiefraka

Cheifraka was born in Miami, Florida.  His artistic science has been and is a force to be reckoned with.  His art is on a dimension of monumental recognition.  Chiefraka is always consistent and relative on the scene with new projects and events.  Chiefraka is always moving in unassailable fortitude; which is setting the bar of innovation, creativity, originality, productive spontanuity, Historical cultivism, and positivite growth in the artist community.

Chiefraka is a award winning pro breaker with 13 yrs of experience.  He recently presented a HipHop show with a relevant connection at Denver University.  Chiefraka worked with "New World School of The Arts" in Miami.

Chiefraka has worked with Hip Hop icons and artists such as Slick Rick as well as pioneers like Dj Kool Herc & Diamond D, Jurrasic 5, Rakim and much more.  Chiefraka has starred on the Spanish television network, Univision, and has worked with Jamaican artist, Honor Rebel,  and much more.

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