Celebrity is a dancer/instructor/choreographer/teacher specializing in Hip Hop, Popping, Stepping, Reggae and Belly Dance. A Chinese Jamaican born and raised in New York where Hip Hop was originated, Celebrity comes from a family of entertainers 4th of 6 kids. Celebrity's family moved to Florida years later where she started teaching Hip Hop and Belly dance at the age of 13.  She spent her high school career teaching classes after school until she graduated and attended Florida A & M University and University of Phoenix. 


At FAMU, Celebrity became a Step master and received a degree in Education. At UoP, Celebrity received a degree in Business management and became a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority inc.  Celebrity returned to South Florida opening her own studio, non-profit dance program, formed a battling freestyle popping crew known as "Klass Klownz", and choreographed/performed with local artist. Celebrity is bring her style of popping to the Jus Hip Hop. Popping is a style of dance under the umbrella of hip hop. It consists of familiar moves such as the wave, the robot, the moon walk, slow motion and tutting (like Egyptians). This dance style improves muscle strength, body control, speed, swagger, musicality and angles. This style can be found in most hip hop routines and upper level solos.  This class will teach you choreography, tricks and how to freestyle.

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