Est. in 2010 Miami Breakin Academy was Florida’s First and Only fully dedicated Bboy/Bgirl (breakdance) facility devoted to Breakin' and authentic Hip Hop culture. Positively impacting the lives of all people through music, dance, and education since 2010. 

A dance program focused on teaching, developing and fostering the dance techniques and foundations of Breakin’. 
The program is foundation based and will build upon the previous weeks concepts and lessons. Our curriculum designed to inspire and empower our youth, respect and honor our elders and their traditions, and promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

We recognize breaking as an art form and physical expression of hip-hop and encourage the study of dance history, influential people and values. Our instructors consistently reinforce the character-building principles embedded into the breaking and hip-hop culture including:

* respect
* self-discipline
* perseverance
* having fun
* self-acceptance

Our goal is to have students express and create their “own” style and improve after each class.
We guide our students towards the practice of self-awareness by encouraging mistakes that lead to growth and creativity. Our students learn to use their inner voice, expressing themselves freely, dancing with confidence and creative thinking.