Dj Darkwing is a Brooklyn born South Florida based Dj.That brings the kind of energy to your party. To keep any crowd moving.It all began at the age of ten where his love for music started.Watching the Dj at house parties his mom would host.He would spend hours at at time .Looking at the Dj’s every move.And what records he played.At the age of 14 his mom got him his first set of turntables.Given the name Darkwing.From the 90’s cartoon character.From neighborhood friends.He would then start to Dj parties for family and friends.Shortly after he relocated to south Florida .Making a name for himself in high school selling his mixtapes and Dj’ing school events.Also landing his first night club gig at the age of 16.

These days Dj Darkwing shows no sign of slowing down.Spinning in some of Miami’s hot spots like Mangos Cafe on South Beach.To the exclusive Saxony Bar inside Miami Beaches five star hotel Faena to name a few.Hosting an internet radio show on SawOne Radio every tuesday from 7-9.There is no event too big or  small for Darkwing.Spinning at everything from corporate events to weddings and birthday parties.There is no doubt that Darkwing will keep you on the dance floor.

He enjoys giving back to the community, working with kids, and teaches kids and teens every Thursday at 715pm here at Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio. His students have flown to Atlanta for Rock Da Floor, Deejay at Spares Bowling alley on weekends, local churches, carnivals, fashions shows, birthday parties, and kid events.  They are available for booking through Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio.