Dee Jay “Danny Boy”. Born & Partly raised in Puerto Rico. Started DJ’ing at the age of 18. As a young adult of a musically talented and influential family, I wanted to do something that involved the music culture. I wanted to see people have fun. I started visiting local clubs and saw how much fun people had just off music. 


I began booking private affairs such as birthday parties, weddings, quinces, sweet 16’s, etc. My passion & love grew stronger & stronger and I realized that there is much more I could do than just private events. I met with many local promoters as an attempt to market myself and showcase my talent. 


It wasn’t much longer after that, I landed my first club gig. My career began to evolve more when I began performing with local artists touring overseas to multiple countries. The local Studios were like my second home at the time.


After 20+ years in the business, I still get the opportunity to do what I love and give back to the community. I got the chance to rock crowds at known local clubs in South Florida to touring to Honduras, Columbia, even Puerto Rico.  Now I share my story by teaching the art to younger minds based on my path of success in the music industry.