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Jameilah Torres - Ms. Jai

Ballet Instructor - Chorographer and Dancer

Jai Torres is a Bronx, NY native. She has an rigorous classical Ballet technique from Ballet Tech Public School for Dance in Manhattan, NY. She has also studied with Alvin Ailey where she embraced Jazz, Horton, Modern and continued her Ballet and Pointe training. An alumni of Barry University with a BFA in Acting, Jai took her love for the stage and transitioned into theater and film. Continuing with her passion for dance she assisted, choreographed and performed in various productions at Barry University all four years. Upon graduating, Jai has taught babywearing ballet classes and continued to perform on stage and locally. Always sharpening her tools, Jai continues her dance and acting training through various local studios. Jai is truly excited to be apart of the Jus Hip Hop studio to pass along the same teachings and fundamentals to younger students, so that they can be successful creative artist in their own right. 

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