Born in Santiago Chile and raised in Miami, Alex, AKA Dj Six Millz, started his musical journey early as a child listening to everything his parents would play, mostly Classic Rock, Soul and Spanish Rock. At an early teen he developed a close relationship with Electric guitars and the heavy Metal scenes in Santiago and in later in Miami. By the time he joined the US Army and beyond he had already fallen in love with Hip-Hop... During his “Rhymer” years, Six Millz, would become a force to be reckoned with. Rapping on stage in Germany and south Florida with Hip-Hop class acts such as Supernatural, The Pharcyde and Curtis Blow. In the mid 2000’s the whole Hip-Hop genre would shift drastically... It was at this moment when “Six” knew he wanted to keep Hip-Hop alive and to please audiences by a total different approach, Djing. 

Dj Six Millz, a self taught Dj. With deep musical knowledge he would find himself perfecting the art of “Turntablism” and crowd control in small venues, house and birthday parties in Miami. By 2014 small parties became big events, huge Weddings, Corporate events, Testimonials, Frat Conventions, Clubs and more… most notable residency is the Hollywood Fla. Hard Rock Casino’s Improv. Where he would Dj for all the big name Comedians such as DL Hughley, Mike Epps and getting requested personally by Monique… among others 

Along with great friends and fellow Djs, Six Millz of Six Millz Ent. can provide all type of vibes for all type of crowds in the South Florida scene and beyond. 

He enjoys giving back to the community, working with kids, and teaches kids and teens every Thursday at 715pm here at Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio. His students have flown to Atlanta for Rock Da Floor, Deejay at Spares Bowling alley on weekends, local churches, carnivals, fashions shows, birthday parties, and kid events.  They are available for booking through Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio.