Jaime Fifty4 Mestre


Popper/Locker/choreographer/instructor was born in Barranquilla Colombia and raised in Miami, Florida and started dancing choreography in in 2010 and popping in 2011.  He has also competed in popping competitions throughout the United States.  In addition, Fifty4 represented the United States at the Hip Hop International Puerto Rico and was a finalist in the world competition for popping and open style. In 2013 he traveled throughout the Caribbean islands and taught dance alongside the Salvation Army on mission trips. He is well known in the popping world and is now teaching popping and locking here at Jus Hip Hop Dance Studio. Come take his class, you will be learning from one of the best in this style!!!

 Popping is a style of dance under the umbrella of hip hop. It consists of familiar moves such as the wave, the robot, the moon walk, slow motion and tutting (like Egyptians). This dance style improves muscle strength, body control, speed, swagger, musicality and angles. This style can be found in most hip hop routines and upper level solos.  This class will teach you choreography, tricks and how to freestyle.

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