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Representing with Trinidad and Tobago at
Hanging with Zulu gremlin loving the mus
At The Hip Hop International B-Boy Compe
Representing with Russia understanding p
Pole fitness at jus hip hop, let's get i
Me and lisa marie _loca_la_4
Get The Rhythm Going
This kid is NASTY! #AttackOfTheKillaBrea
You can do this pose too! Come take our
Me and Zrawk at #AttackOfTheKillerBreaks
Me n DJ Magic _ #AttackOfTheKillaBreakz
Me n Will Stylez at the Bboy jam #Attack
#JusHipHop #MyKidsAreBeasts #MyKidsRock
Ballet with tots today #daddyslittlegirl
In Vegas hip hop competition #redrock #h
Jam today
Me and Lorenzo IceT from #99Jamz #JusHip
Sebastian winner of the bboy cipher
About to go in at Jus hip hop for $300
Winner for todays cipher at jus hip hop
Warming up for $300 battle
Me and Savion
Pole fitness at jus hip hop Thursday 8_3
We are dedicated and put in extra rehear
Relaxing with Yoga, you should be here,
Congratulations to Kaitlyn, she graduate
One love crew of Jus hip hop with bernie