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Representing with Trinidad and Tobago at
Hanging with Zulu gremlin loving the mus
At The Hip Hop International B-Boy Compe
Representing with Russia understanding p
Pole fitness at jus hip hop, let's get i
Me and lisa marie _loca_la_4
Get The Rhythm Going
This kid is NASTY! #AttackOfTheKillaBrea
You can do this pose too! Come take our
Me and Zrawk at #AttackOfTheKillerBreaks
Me n DJ Magic _ #AttackOfTheKillaBreakz
Me n Will Stylez at the Bboy jam #Attack
#JusHipHop #MyKidsAreBeasts #MyKidsRock
Ballet with tots today #daddyslittlegirl
In Vegas hip hop competition #redrock #h
Jam today
Me and Lorenzo IceT from #99Jamz #JusHip
Sebastian winner of the bboy cipher
About to go in at Jus hip hop for $300
Winner for todays cipher at jus hip hop
Warming up for $300 battle
Me and Savion
Pole fitness at jus hip hop Thursday 8_3
We are dedicated and put in extra rehear
Relaxing with Yoga, you should be here,
Congratulations to Kaitlyn, she graduate
One love crew of Jus hip hop with bernie
Winner for todays cipher at jus hip hop