Netilya Cobb

Born and raised in Miami,FL Netilya Cobb was introduced to the world of arts and entertainment at the age of three. Dealing with challenges as an adolescent, the arts became a release and an open door to her freedom of acceptance. Through the arts Netilya not only discovered her talent, but in a world where she was told everything that she wasn't Netilya Cobb found her relationship with God who released her into her true identity as a warrior and a leader fighting with a purpose beyond self. Netilya Cobb stands by the Phillipans 4:13 "For I can do all things through christ who strengthens me". Her testimony is told through her journey, and as an entertainer her goal is to use her gifts to shift atmospheres.


 Netilya Cobb is an alumni of Miami North Western Sr. high school and Florida A&M University where she upheld a 4.5 & 4.2 gpa. With her education and talent she moved to Los Angeles California and has successfully performed with several professional dance companies as well as high profile artist such as Smokie Robinson, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Missy Elliot, Victoria Kimani, Calvin Harris, Laura Mulva etc. and currently holds the position as the CEO/Founder of Alignment Magazine, and Alignment Cultural Arts Center. At the young age of 21 Netilyadiscovered that success is locating your true identity, finding purpose, and with the power of faith knocking down every stumbling block by any means. "People are assigned to your life and why keep them waiting because I choose to refuse to take that leap of faith and walk in my ordained calling and purpose on this earth. I mean something and my actions will define the impossible, for i am Niagarafierce". 

Netilya Cobb

Netilya brings her extensive background of knowledge, experience and love for ballet.  Her students will love and appreciate ballet and also learn the correct technique.  She is a wonderful asset to Jus Hip Hop students.  We encourage all students to take her class. 

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