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Hello there and thanks for stopping by my page. 


If you are bold enough to view this page it’s not by accident. 

So relax, unmask and tap into your alter ego. When being in the presence of Titanium you will be provoked to let your true self show! 


I am Titanium—

Jus hip -hop dance studios is comprised of many styles of dance, as we embody different genre of music. Contemporary Jazz is a free form art and I will allow the free form art to become a free form spirit of all ages.

I am Titanium the visionary of developing Talent through the Arts free from the eyes of the judgment, hate, heartache, and pain let me show you how to release that suppression and turn it into your bolt of continuous light and power. You are strong enough to dance, so JUS dance and be free.


THOMAS OADDAMS FKA- (TITANIUM) the bold edgy electric and out of the box style that captivates any eye! He is a performing artist that is motivated for one purpose; to express his art and the art of others. Titanium helps bring life to the undeveloped talent that is trapped within a person, place or thing. He strives to make a difference in people's lives, and to show them who and what they are truly made of. Some call him the visionary of developing talent, ️TITANIUM is a true talented artist. 


With an eclectic dance background encompassing various dance techniques such as, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and contemporary as well as also touching the avenue of singing, acting, and fashion he breaks the rules of tradition.  

As a performing artist, Thomas or should I say TITANIUM wants to share his many gifts with the world, by influencing others through dance, singing, acting, and fashion, he hopes that we all never forget that yes, we as humans are all the same species but we all have individual style and talent that connects a rainbow of life.